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A company with a portfolio of dating products came to us with the ambition of elevating their app for Christian singles to the top-of-mind position in the category. 

Our research found that Christian singles perceive a significantly increased level of shame for using dating apps compared to any other group of singles. For these daters, apps were a last resort. But, when surveyed about their thoughts on other Christians who use dating apps, their feelings were entirely neutral or positive.

To combat this false feeling of failure, we positioned the app as a place where Christians don't have to be, but want to be. We dialed back the intensity and created an uplifting platform that actively supports users in finding meaningful connection. 

Activations included partnerships with live events where singles could match on-the-spot and receive upgraded seats together and a social strategy that promoted UGC and focused on trusted community leaders over national influencers.

My roles: strategist, co-copywriter, co-art director

Contact for more detail. 

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