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Nordstrom was seeking recommendations for innovative ways to bring technology into the store experience.

Our intern team discovered that cell phone use was actually distracting customers from the shopping experience and wanted to develop a way to make this behavior engaging instead. We won the pitch by recommending a location-based in-app dashboard, instead of physical store tech, that enabled customers to interact with and navigate the store through the lens of their smartphone. 


In addition to improving the customer experience, Nordstrom would benefit in two ways. Insightful customer tracking data would allow the company to understand consumer behavior in their stores and adjust floor layouts and merchandising strategies accordingly. By driving more customers onto the app, sales would increase since app users' average lifetime spend is 44% higher than non-users.

We received recognition from Nordstrom president Jamie Nordstrom and had the opportunity to share our ideas with Nordstrom's mobile strategy team.

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